Happening at HJORTHs

Happy season 2021!

“In times with evilness, it is important to take good care of love”

(Auerland – Badehotellet)

Hjorths Badehotel open up 29th of April for a new enjoyable season.

We believe in good weather, open sky and windy sails.

At Hjorths we do not go up hill or down hill, but slowly ahead towards relaxation filled with presence, immersion and community.

We love food! Again we will offer delicious homemade food with a twist of our history, sourdough bread made with our 23 years old sourdough and furthermore our rye bread based on mother’s recipe is in fact made with a 87 years old sourdough.

We love the sound of happy visitors! Due to this we will continue to ring the bell when it is dinner time at 18.00 pm. and hope that the conversation is encouraged.

Not to make any harm to joy men only as a polite reminder, we will do our best to make everybody secure and pay attention to the current restrictions regarding Corona. This means a valid Corona passport, the use of face masks when standing up, keeping the safe distances and the use of hand sanitiser at all entrances.

Finally this year we will not accept cash to further reduce the risk of infection.

We still love yoga! But the restrictions at this moment do not allow us to offer this, but as soon as possible we will of course make sure to offer yoga.

With the hopes of a nice and lovely summer for all!

Mikael Valentin and the whole 2021 team at Hjorths.

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