Presence, immersion and community

Presence, immersion and community

Seaside resort stay at Kandestederne 2023 with a monthly menu

The Nature has blessed Hjorths Badehotel to be situated in the midst of a beautiful landscape, that enables you to calm down completely without any disturbance from traffic noise or artificial street lightning. We are in the middle of the dunes very close to ”Vesterhavet” (the sea) and its relaxing sound of waves.

We highly appreciate presence, contemplation and community and due to this we have chosen, that everybody dine at the same time 18.00 pm. At the end of the afternoon we will offer ”the cocktail of the day” in the living room or the terrace if the weather is suitable, and then when the dinner bell sounds, everybody goes to the restaurant and hopefully continue the conversations.

Our food is based on the gifts of the nature, our surroundings and the Danish gastronomic history – our roots. We are inspired by the classical Danish dishes and make new versions based on the best local and seasonal commodities with an eye also for sustainability, organic farming and animal welfare.

We aim to give our guests a stay without the stress of daily life, and instead make room for inner values. For this reason we will also offer yoga in our yoga hall with a view to the beautiful nature included in this package.

Taste the nature, the silence, the contemplation and the commodities. Bring back home the energy from the majestic surroundings and let your inner values unfold.

Seaside resort stay

Arrival and check-in 15.00 pm.

18.00: 3 courses menu in our autenthic restaurant.

After dinner coffee or tea in the living room.

Price per person a day in double room from 1.250,-

If you want more days, it is up to you!

The time schedule for yoga classes will be announced on weekly basis.

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