Stays at HJORTHs Badehotel


A vacation at HJORTHs Badehotel might lead to a lifelong addiction – consider yourself warned! Whether you visit us because of the nature, the ocean, our delicious food or yoga – the keywords for the visit will always be peacefulness, absorption and not least presence. These words are an integrated part of HJORTHs, a place where the absence of Wi-Fi, television and noise make room for reflection, conversation and happiness.

“Once the final gleam of light from the sunset stretches across the northern sky, where it merges with dawn above the original, desolate scenery – that is when you feel this place’s greatest attraction in a feeling of being close to the beginning of everthing – in the light above Kandestederne.”

Kirsten Obelitz Rode

Please notice that due to the restrictions in the spring caused by the Covid-19, we will not be able to offer yoga classes daily, but as much as possible and on request:-)

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