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Step into a beautiful, characteristic and unique pocket of time – a place that offers space, time to (re)discover peacefulness and room for concentration and absorption. All of which supplemented with bird song, the roaring sea and high service from the staff. The view from HJORTHs Badehotel offers sand dunes and the beautiful nature as far as the eye can see. The noise from cars are traded for the roaring sea and the wind whispering through lyme grass.

At HJORTHs’ authentic seaside hotel from 1890, we practice sense perception and the pleasure in it. For that reason, Wi-Fi and television are deliberately not present, so they won’t disturb your journey towards greater attentiveness. We’re a new team from March 2018, and we have chosen to restore this magical seaside hotel to its previous days of glory and virtues – a time when there was time for absorption, conversation, enjoyment of life, craft and not least reflection.

The old merits are present in our food which is homemade and based on great craftsmanship, and we take pride in using local and seasonal produce. The region is presented in the taste – with a touch of elegant innovation meeting the tradition. The goal it to combine the traditional with today’s knowledge of interhuman and sustainable values.

All rooms are individualised in their look, but the historical charm and authenticity are common factors – a place for the soul to find calm.

We have many visions and ideas for the place. Over the next years we aim at being more self-sufficient with fields and hen house – where compost made from food scrap from our kitchen gives back to nature. Furthermore, we dream of being a “zero energy hotel” with geothermal heat, solar cells and rain water harvesting, since we wish to be connected to our lovely nature. And not be the energy!

In general, we aim to create a hotel, open and buzzing all year round. A hotel where the beautiful, historical setting adds a voice to the present day.

Already now, however, HJORTHs Badehotel is the perfect place to pause, let go of your everyday life and let yourself be spoiled in fantastic settings filled with colourful stories and nature’s magic.

Best regards,


Mikael Valentin
Tenant and CEO

The story of the seaside hotel

In Kandestederne near Skagen, you can experience a very special light and a fantastic energy. Since the beginning of the last century, artists, writers and actors have sought refuge here. Here they were at an appropriate distance from the more lively Skagen, yet not too far away.

The charm, nostalgia and the beautiful surroundings have been preserved, which brings many people to visit our beautiful seaside hotel year after year. Here you can be reminded of a time when people wore straw hats, carried white umbrellas and long white summer dresses. A holiday atmosphere where you were not a tourist but a holiday guest.

HJORTHs Badehotel opened in 1890 and was managed by the Hjorth family until 1982. The newlyweds Elizabeth and Kresten Kokholm established Kokholms Hotel in 1906. The hotel was set up in an older property, which they rebuilt. The Kokholm family managed the hotel until 1981. The two hotels where then combined into one hotel, which is now HJORTHs Badehotel.

In 2018, Mikael Valentin took over as tenant and CEO. Valentin is known as the owner of Restaurant RUSK in Aalborg.

Mikael Valentin’s vision is to create a clear link to the hotel roots. This is evident in e.g. the idea of making all food from scratch and the names of the dishes, which are all old Danish classics, for instance “Arme riddere”, “Benløse fugle” and “Bondepige med slør”.

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