Old Danish

Slow down the time with an “Old Danish” retreat at Hjorths Badehotel!

21 -23th of August 2020

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do”a wise old saying, but old habits and traditions should also adapt to the times, in which they are practiced. For this reason we make our own interpretations of old Danish classics and one of the most acclaimed Danish wineries “Neder Kjærsholm” pays us a visit bringing their lovely wines to accompany the dishes.

Included in the retreat:

Friday 21th of August arrival from 15.00 pm.

16.00 pm. a beautiful walk in the surrounding and beautiful area together with Villy, an experienced ranger, followed by a tasting of his homemade “bjæsk”.

18.00 pm. The dinner bell rings and the following 3 course meal is served together with a beer menu:

”Dyrlægens natmad”. Beer: Thisted Bryghus ”Thagaard”

”Bøfsandwich”. Beer: Thisted Bryghus ”Limfjordsporter”

”Citronmåne”. Beer: Skagen Bryghus ”Råbjerg Mile”

 Saturday 22tk of August

8.00 am. – 10.00 am. Our homemade morning buffet

17.30 pm. Cocktail of the day in the living room or terrace.

18.00 pm. The dinner bell rings to the following 6 course meal:

Homemade snacks. Wine: The bobles of the winery

 ”Makrel i tomat”. Wine: Sweet Sixty Premium 2016

 ”Brændende kærlighed”. Wine: Dicte Rosé 2014

 ”Hot dog”. Wine: Sweet Sixty Premium Rosé 2016

 ”Forloren hare”. Wine: Dicte Hybrid II 2014

 ”Stegt flæsk og persillesovs”. Wine: Dicte Premium 2014

 ”Blomme i Madeira”. Wine: Blackcurrant liquor

 Sunday 23th of August 8.00 – 10.00 am. Our homemade morning buffet

Price pr person in double room  3.495,-


Time well spent leads to life well lived!

Experience timelessness at Hjorths Badehotel.

Book at phone +45 98487900

Vi glæder os til den nye sæson på HJORTHs

Den 29. april 2021 slår vi dørene op for en ny, forrygende sæson på HJORTHs Badehotel! Vi glæder os til at se dig!

Book dit ophold på hjemmesiden allerede nu – og kom og oplev ro, nærvær, fordybelse og fællesskab i naturskønne omgivelser.

Tilmeld dig vores nyhedsbrev her på siden, så du kan følge med i, hvad der sker på HJORTHs Badehotel.

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