Happening at HJORTHs

Kundalini Yoga at Hjorths 31 March – 2 April

Charlotte Nørgaard has taught Kundalini Yoga since 2016. She has since then added education within hatha-, yin-, and restorative yoga. The Kundalini Yoga was a turning point in Charlottes life. On a retreat where stress and depression got changed into future hopes and dreams that Charlottes now lives out by continuing to spread the spirituel health practice that is engrained in Kundalini Yoga. Charlottes teachings are known by their calmness and presence, extensive yoga exercises which will always be accompanied by specific breathing practices.

The weekend will offer lots of yoga and meditation sprinkled with breathtaking scenery both inside and around Hjorths Badehotel. Come and be without having to prove or do.

   Read more here: snowdropyoga.com/retreats

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