Massimo Piccin from the winery Sapaio in Bolgheri on the southern coast of Tuscany, holds a tasting at Hjorths.

This afternoon you can taste his 2 wines Volpolo and Sapaio in different vintages and at the same time hear the stories behind the wines, the house and the philosophy.

Taste 7 wonderful wines for NOK 195, and there will be some delicious food from the kitchen.

The tasting starts at 16.00 and ends around 17.30. If the weather is with us, the tasting will be held in Hjorth’s beautiful garden.

The skilled painter Ole Riber exhibits his moving and particularly attractive interpretations of the many expressions of the Kandestederne.

He manages to translate nature’s many delicate faces in the finest way into his own paintings, which invite you to stop and almost step inside the painter’s world.

The exhibition starts with a vernissage on Saturday 1 July at 14.00 until Friday 21 July, and everyone is welcome.

The works will be both in Hjorth’s barn and in our gallery corridor. Ole himself will be present from 14.00 to 17.00 Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Mia Kathrine Tholstrup-Jørgensen who got more than 2500 hours of educational experience and is certified in Hatha, Ashtanga, and hot yoga, will give you an experience for life. With lots of yoga, meditation, hiking trips, and enchanting presence as the keywords for this weekend. Hjorths restaurant will spoil your senses with delicious food and lots of personality, seasonality, and greenery. All of it placed in Hjorths special atmosphere in the historical “badehotel”

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Dear all our lovely guests,

It is with a burdened heart that I sadly have to inform that Hjorths Badehotel is closing Sunday the 9th of October.

We opened the first of June 2022 with bright smiles and a new exciting future ahead of us with a completely newly renovated hotel and a vision of being open year-round. Our narrative of a place in unspoiled, beautiful nature with a special peace for reflection, immersion, presence, and fulfilling togetherness. These elements are always feasible and in our humble opinion: independent of the warmth of weather. The weather is always beautiful here. The sun with its bright light, the rainy skies with room for intimacy, the fresh winds and snow that dress the surrounding nature in fairy-tale elements.

Shortly put the many shifting expressions all have a beauty which gives different framework for possibilities.

But the world falters, suddenly old bastions seem to fall, certainties break down and in the midst of all this confusion, insecurity and fumbling, prices all seem to rise explosively.

Our electricity bill has tripled during the summer period and the latest bulletins suggest that there will be further increases and even energy shortages in the coming time. We find it difficult to spoil our guests in our cozy restaurant if the electricity to the kitchen is missing. We can’t keep it warm either and the light will go out.

Our laundry bill has more than doubled in the summer period, which is again caused by the rising electricity prices, but certainly also the general inflation.

Grocery purchases for the kitchen have increased by more than 40% – some items even by more than 100% and we refuse to decrease the quality of our acclaimed dining experiences.

Now there have been further increases as of 1 October with 30% on all cleaning products, 50% on paper – toilet paper, napkins etc.

All this makes it more than difficult to run a hotel with pampering, smiles and a particularly warm family feeling, where the uncertainty, especially on both energy prices and supply, weighs heavily.

Therefore, I am now closing the hotel and deeply regret the late announcement. I have fought until the end to get more bookings in house and hoped for some sense and understanding from our politicians both at home and in the EU. But their just-launched idea of (energy) loans seems to be a stillborn idea for an industry which, in the corona era, used all its equity to survive and therefore now has no reserves. At the same time, the trend seems to point towards a recession, which unfortunately, again in this industry, will mean reduced turnover. A loan will mean a noose around our neck.

But the winter will not be gray for us! We will use the time actively to develop, refine and experiment with our products, evaluate the season and have social activities together as a team, where we consolidate and deepen our great joy in each other as colleagues, yes, I would even go so far as to say, as a “work family”.

I/we hope for your understanding and will look forward, if all goes well, to opening on Friday 3 March 2023.

We look forward to seeing you.

On behalf of the entire team:

Sincerest regards

Mikael Valentin

Maria Abildgaard has felt stress and thoughtchaos on her own body in a too busy everyday life. She found a way back to happiness, balance and a sense of calm through yoga and meditation and now she helps others to find this path. She is certified in yoga against stress as well as power vinyasa yoga, however her curiosity has also brought courses in yoga nidra, yin yoga and restorative yoga.

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Charlotte Nørgaard has taught Kundalini Yoga since 2016. She has since then added education within hatha-, yin-, and restorative yoga. The Kundalini Yoga was a turning point in Charlottes life. On a retreat where stress and depression got changed into future hopes and dreams that Charlottes now lives out by continuing to spread the spirituel health practice that is engrained in Kundalini Yoga. Charlottes teachings are known by their calmness and presence, extensive yoga exercises which will always be accompanied by specific breathing practices.

The weekend will offer lots of yoga and meditation sprinkled with breathtaking scenery both inside and around Hjorths Badehotel. Come and be without having to prove or do.

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Good things drives out the evil


Midsummer evening 23th of June at Hjorths Badehotel

6.00 pm. in our beautiful garden, if the weather gods are on our side;-)


Fish – and shellfish dishes served with Chateau Bregancon Cuvée B (organic) Rosé.

Homemade sourdough-bread and butter with herbs

Green seasonal salads

Still and sparkling water


795,- pr person




Or write an email to
And do not hesitate to call us (+45) 98487900.

For several years Ole Riber has with love plodded around in Kandestederne, where he was encouraged by the beautiful and peculiar nature to catch a brush and perpetuate the beauty of the place seen with his eyes.

At Hjorths Seaside Hotel we are proud to host an exhibition of his beautiful watercolors in July 2021, where the sea, the beach, the dunes and Råbjerg Mile come to life through Ole’s steady hand.

The exhibition opens with a vernissage on July 3rd at 2 pm, where you will get the chance to talk to the artist.

The exhibition is open from July 4th until July 18th every day from 11 am to 6 pm.

And if you have appetite for more, Hjorths restaurant will be open for lunch every day from 12 pm to 4 pm.

“In times with evilness, it is important to take good care of love”

(Auerland – Badehotellet)

Hjorths Badehotel open up 29th of April for a new enjoyable season.

We believe in good weather, open sky and windy sails.

At Hjorths we do not go up hill or down hill, but slowly ahead towards relaxation filled with presence, immersion and community.

We love food! Again we will offer delicious homemade food with a twist of our history, sourdough bread made with our 23 years old sourdough and furthermore our rye bread based on mother’s recipe is in fact made with a 87 years old sourdough.

We love the sound of happy visitors! Due to this we will continue to ring the bell when it is dinner time at 18.00 pm. and hope that the conversation is encouraged.

Not to make any harm to joy men only as a polite reminder, we will do our best to make everybody secure and pay attention to the current restrictions regarding Corona. This means a valid Corona passport, the use of face masks when standing up, keeping the safe distances and the use of hand sanitiser at all entrances.

Finally this year we will not accept cash to further reduce the risk of infection.

We still love yoga! But the restrictions at this moment do not allow us to offer this, but as soon as possible we will of course make sure to offer yoga.

With the hopes of a nice and lovely summer for all!

Mikael Valentin and the whole 2021 team at Hjorths.

+45 98 48 79 00 Book
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